Cost Effective Ways to Add Value To your Home

Posted on 1 May 2017

At All Phases Construction, we are always looking for ways that we can work for you to offer the best when it comes to any remodeling, renovation, installation or addition project that you may have in mind. These are just a few of the ways that we can be of assistance:

It is normal to wonder about the different ways that you can add a good bit of value to your home by way of home improvements. Even if you are not planning on selling anytime soon, there are ways that you can truly bring the best out of your property.

There will always be some renovations that will offer a bigger return on investment than others, so it is a matter of selecting the right project to tackle. We’ve put together a list of some mid-range projects that will always give you the most for your money, using the Cost vs. Value Report from 2014 done by Remodeling Magazine.

Steel Entry Door Replacement – While it may not seem like much, a new front door can actually add about 96.6% of the money that you put into it onto the value of your home. According to the report however, it has to be the best front door for your property, so be sure to choose wisely. Simply replacing your entry door alone will not do the trick, the door must be high quality and complement your existing entry and exterior.

Wood Deck Addition – The average cost of a wooden deck addition in the United States today is around $9,539, which will bring about roughly 87.4% of the cost of the project back to the homeowner when they decide to sell their home. Just remember that there are many municipalities that require a deck permit for building, so be sure to check with your local authority prior to beginning any project work.

Attic Bedroom – You may not realize it, but any renovation that is done inside the current structure of your home that does not require and expansion or addition, will often bring about more value than putting on extra rooms. To make it even better, these renovations can be much more cost-effective. A simple attic-to-bedroom conversion project ranks 3rd out of the 35 improvements listed in the report, bringing an average of 84.3% return on the dollar amount invested. Converting attic space into a livable area is no light undertaking, so be sure to work with a knowledgeable and experienced residential contractor.

Garage Door Replacement – You can enhance your curb appeal by a great deal when you simply upgrade your garage door. As noted in the Cost vs. Value Report, the replacement of a garage door will cost around $1,534 and bring an average of about 83.7% return for the amount spent, all by updating a single component of your home.

Smaller Kitchen Remodels – A facelift in the kitchen will always bring a good payoff, especially when it comes time to sell. Even a minor remodel of your kitchen can bring you about 82.7% of the cost of the project back to the value of your home. The kitchen is an important element of the house, as many potential buyers will overestimate just how much it can cost to update. Around $18,856 is what it will cost on average for a minor kitchen remodel, to include new appliances, sink, faucet, cabinet doors, hardware, paint, etc. Working with a professional will take away much of the stress of this project, and can greatly simply a seemingly overwhelming project.

Window Replacement – When you want to be able to boost the energy efficiency of your home, the windows are a great place to start. Simply by swapping out your double hung 3×5 foot windows with an option like insulated wood replacements can cost about $10,926 and offer a return of about 79.3% on the amount that is spent. Also according to the report, it will cost about $1,000 less for insulated vinyl replacements, as well as 78.7% return on investment.

Replacing Siding – The national average is around $11,475 to replace approximately 1,250 sq. ft. of your existing siding with brand new vinyl siding and all of the trim. This is a project that will offer a 78.2% return on the amount that you spend back to the value of your home.

Basement Remodeling – While a basement remodel is not cheap, this is a project that can be very rewarding. When you finish the lower level of your home for a full size bathroom and an entertaining area, you are looking at an average of $62,834. However, you will be getting about 77.6% back on the cost of your project when you do sell your home. Electrical and plumbing considerations are paramount! We highly recommend you do not turn this into a DIY project.

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