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Other Services, Contracting Services, deck addition, entry door replacement, attic remodel, garage door replacement, window and siding replacement, and basement remodel

No matter the renovation or remodeling project you have in mind, you can always look to our professional staff at All Phases Construction to get you from start to finish with flawless execution and incredible results. Exceeding your expectations is always our main goal and we will do everything possible to oversee your project personally, all while staying within your budget and timeframe. If you are looking to have an experience that is stress-free and predictable, you will not be disappointed when you enlist our help for your next building project. These are just a few of the services that we offer in addition to our traditional remodeling and renovation projects:

Deck Addition/Remodel – A deck is the perfect way to bring a new level of function to your home’s exterior. We can be there to assist with the design and construction of a perfect deck to fit in with your lifestyle needs and budgetary concerns. Whether you are looking for a simple replacement project, or you are having a more complicated deck designed, we have the solution.

Entry Door Replacement – Has your entry door seen better days? Whether you need a replacement for your front door, or you are looking to put in French doors going out onto your deck or patio, we have the expertise to get the job done for you. Replacing an entry door can be a simple way to transform the look of your entry, and if done right, can also add to the value of your home. The end result will be a beautiful, functional installation.

Attic Remodel – If you feel as though your attic is simply wasted space for piles of junk being stored, you do have options in an attic remodel. The benefit of transforming an attic space is that it can be done at a much lower cost than starting from scratch with an add-on to your home. Whether you want to turn the space into an office, bedroom, teen hangout, or something else, we can help you with the design and full remodel at All Phases Construction.

Garage Door Repair/Replacement – A garage door takes up a lot of real estate on your home, and more than being functional, should complement your homes exterior. Replacing your garage door takes minimal effort and can provide your home with a facelift from changing this single component alone. Perhaps you already have a beautiful garage door, but it is in need of repair. Having a faulty garage door is not only a nuisance, but it can also be dangerous. Trust in our design and remodel professionals to give you the garage door repairs or replacement that you need.

Window Replacement – The replacement of your existing windows will not only add value to your home while boosting the aesthetics, but they will also be a nice way to be sure that you are as energy efficient as possible. More than simply replacing windows, you can also expand the windows in your home and add more natural light to your space. Having more natural light in your home can quickly brighten your space and will also add to the value of your home.

Siding Replacement – Your siding is one of the first things that anyone will notice while passing by or arriving at your home. Let us go over some of your options in siding replacement to give your property a much-needed facelift. If your siding does need to be replaced, it is important to do for more than aesthetic reasons. If you are unsure if replacement is necessary, ask our team of contractors to examine the siding and make a recommendation.

Basement Remodel – If you want to add a laundry room, living space, extra bedrooms, or play area to your home, why not think about a basement remodel? There are a number of ways we can help you utilize this space to add a new element to your home, and using the existing space on your home will save you thousands compared to a new addition. While a basement remodel is no light undertaking, it will be a huge value-add to your home. Things to consider include:

  • Keeping the space dry
  • Following building codes and keeping with permits
  • Plumbing and electrical considerations
  • Installing a vapor barrier
  • Insulation

Roofing Repair or Replacement – Any roofing repairs or replacement will always be best when left to the professionals. We will be happy to come to your home, take a look at your roof and make suggestions on the repair or replacement you need to get your roof back in great shape. Just as important as the repair or replacement is the clean-up that is required after the fact. This should never be a concern for our clients. We will treat your property as if it is our own, and do not consider a project to be completed until the clean-up is finished.

No matter what you need done, you can always look to All Phases Construction to give you a no-obligation estimate for services. Contact us today!